About The University

About the Cihan-Hawler University

Cihan University is situated in the beautiful city of Erbil, on the 100 meter street, on 127000 square meters of land. It consists of 8 buildings for the various departments and administration and full of gardens and fountains. The university has an Olympic size football stadium, swimming pool, tennis yards and Olympic size indoor gymnasium. Cihan University has developed since its establishment in 2007

in infrastructure and technology and also in the number of staff and students, now the university's teaching staff members is 226, teaching 6305 students in the 15 different disciplines of Law, International Relations and Diplomacy, Computer Science, Biology, Accountancy, Business Administration, Banking and Financial Sciences, Health Administration, English, Translation, Media, Interior Design, Architecture Engineering, Communications and Computer Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

Cihan University also has two important centres that serves Kurdistan region, they are the ICDL centre which is an authorized centre for offering courses and Certificate in ICDL, and the languages centre which offers courses leading to the certificates in TOEFL, IELTS. The University has its own Radio, the Cihan University FM Radio, and contribute to a 3rd of the budget of Cihan local TV channel.  The structure of the current university is departmental, but in the process of developing into colleges. 

Cihan University aspires to be one of the top leading universities in Iraq and in the Middle East, and become globally recognized. The university is keen to qualify prospective leaders in their specializations and to be a regional center of study and scientific research to improve human life. 

Cihan University is committed to create the appropriate academic environment for young and mature students to study in a variety of domains by providing quality academic programs. 

Objectives of the strategic plan 
The objectives of Cihan University can be summarized as follows: 
Providing its students with the highest quality of knowledge in the field of science and humanities. 
Promoting the personal, social, and academic competence and career of students to prepare and to qualify them to be leaders in their future careers and profession. 
Contributing to human knowledge through discovery and scientific research in full cooperation and collaboration with leading academic and research institutions around the globe. 
Creating excellent reputation of higher education in the country that flourishes the ground for a prestigious university of a top international rank. 
Playing a distinctive role in the advancement of higher education and in the development of human resources in Kurdistan Region and Iraq by linking academic and professional programs to the instant needs of the labor market. 
Offering continuous support of educational and training nature to update and upgrade the knowledge, professional qualifications, and skills of people in the workforce.