The Structure of Cihan-Hawler University
Cihan University – Hawler, was established in 2007 with 721 students and about 20 staff members of 3 departments: Law, Accountancy, and Computer Science. The university has developed noticeably into multi campus hosting about 6305 students distributed over 15 different departments listed below

1. Computer Science

Computer Science ( CS ) Department is one of the important departments at Cihan University. It was established in 2007. It is concerned with theoretical and practical methods of processing and communicating information by means of computers. The department stress on the quality of learning. and has a highly qualified academic staff in most important areas in computer science, with learning environment where leading-edge technology takes place on a daily basis. Our graduates is fully qualify for the transition to the labor market, and further studies.

2. Biology Department
The Biology department was established in the academic year 2009-2010. The program is a four year study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology. The curriculum contains foundation courses in basic sciences and Microbiology, followed by a flexible choice of electives to meet the needs of students preparing for health professions, graduate study and careers in research and the industrial applications of Biology. Students learn through a combination of lecture, laboratory and seminars.

3. Department of English

The Department of English was founded in 2008 due to the increasing demands of society to have more graduates in the field of English language, especially, after the fast developments in Kurdistan Region. Since then it has witnessed dramatic changes as regards the academic staff, the number of students, the subjects taught, and the facilities offered. One year later, the evening studies started in the Department. The first group of students graduated in 2012.. It has also launched a branch (Language Centre) which is concerned with raising the level of English for all students in the university and holding courses of TOEFL, IELTS, and general English for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners.

4. Department of Media
This academic department of the University of Cihan was established in 2013. It aims to teach media and its various arts as well as to follow-up the latest professional and technical developments in mass communication in order to graduate a highly qualified generation who can practice the profession of media in its different fields. 

5. Department of Translation 
The Department of Translation in Cihan University is one of the outstanding Departments, for it is the corner stone of the College of Arts and Letters. The study in the department has begun in 2013-2014. The students are given different materials in linguistics and English literature. It qualifies the graduates to be teachers of English, translators, and employees wherever needed. 

6. Department of Internal Design 
The Interior Design program which started in 2013 - 2014 provides students with broad exposure to aspects of the practice of interior design at the entry level. The program is grounded in research-based problem solving in addition to a variety of cultural, environmental, and historic perspectives.


The Interior Design program is recognizing the highest academic standards established by the profession. After graduation, students are ready for the challenges of the market as Interior designers who understand sustainable design and the construction and technical requirements in Iraq interior design industry, 

7. Department of Law 
The establishment of the department of law at Cihan university coincided with the establishment of the university itself in 2007, It has included a department of law for both morning and evening studies. The department has well-developed curricula, and in various specializations of the law, in order to provide the society with highly-qualified graduates to work in the field of law, whether they will be lawyers, investigators, judges, or any other role in the legal spheres. 

8. Department of International Relations and Diplomacy 

The department of international and diplomatic relations has been introduced in the academic year 2010-2011. The period of time required for the study in the department is four years study, after which the graduate is awarded bachelor degree in law and international relations. the department depends on a well-developed specialize in in the field of the international and diplomatic relations, and to do his job in field of diplomatic corps, as well as administering public relations in both the private and public institutions, and participating in the external diplomatic representation. 

9. Department of Architecture Engineering 
The Department of Architectural Engineering which started in 2009 – 2010, has some of the best architects in the region, offers an architectural education that is technically contemporary yet at the same time rooted in the contextual and regional environments. The curriculum equips students with theoretical and practical skills and keeps them attuned to the social, cultural, and economic contexts. After graduation, students are ready for the challenges of the market both as designers and also as architectural engineers who understand sustainable design and the construction and technical requirements of the Iraqi and region building industry. Our students are our ambassadors, and after five years of study they become our peers. 

10. Department of Civil Engineering 
The Civil Engineering Program started in 2014 – 2015 is designed to reflect the special needs of the Iraq and the region in the development of structures and infrastructure systems for the benefit of the community. CE Program graduates work as structural engineers, traffic and highway engineers, geotechnical engineers, environmental engineers, or water engineers, just to name a few examples. 

11. Department of Communications and Computer Engineering 
The Department of Communications and Computers was established in 2008 – 2009. Research in the Department is performed by faculty members and students in diverse areas such as software, wireless communications, antennas, coding, signal processing, hardware design and test, mobile computing, intelligent systems, satellite-engineering, and control systems. The Department offers a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) program in Computer and Communications Engineering (CCE), and plans to offer post graduate studies in the near future. 

Cihan University ‎(CU)‎

13. Department of Business Administration 
Business Administration program which established on 2010 is essential for today’s challenging business environment. This program is designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to business students including analysis techniques and tools to solve different business problems, formulation and implementation of business strategies as well as understanding of managerial functions on: Business strategies levels and operations. Confident leaders who are superb problem-solvers plus skilled managers equipped with analysis abilities and creative thinking is the main products of this program. In a business organization, without the right touch of excellent managers, it will definitely lead to business failure 

14. Department of Banking and Financial Science 
Banking and Financial Science degree program at Cihan University which started on 2012 – 2013, aims at enabling the candidate to deeply understand the Banking operating system and the concepts of Finance through participation in class discussions and activities. Market participant candidates are to be well-equipped with an excellent background about Finance and its innovative products. 

15. Department of Health Administration 
Health Administration is a new department at Cihan University, established in 2013 – 2014, with the aim of creating highly qualified managers who have the ability to manage health institutions in a very modern and innovative way to achieve excellence in performance. 

12. Department of Accounting
This department is one of the Main departments of Cihan University. Since its foundation in 2007, it has evolved and expanded. The department started with 42 students in this department which resembled the first year students, while in 2008 the number of students in the morning studies and evening studies increased to 149. The number of students now is 959 students. The staff members are distinguished and highly qualified and experienced. The graduate can easily study for the Chartered Accountancy Certificate.